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What if there were key CommentSold features you were missing out on that could be costing you thousands of dollars in sales?

If you’ve been leveraging CommentSold to sell on Facebook, you already know how amazing CommentSold is for selling on Facebook Pages, Groups, and on Facebook Live.

But what if you could do more with CommentSold? If you could reach new customers while also reaching your existing ones, would you want to know about it? And what if it was easy to use like the CommentSold features you already know and love?

CommentSold for Instagram Stories and Posts

Now it’s possible that someone reading this already knows about these epic features, but for even those of you who know about them, they could be kind of like the treadmill in the garage, it’s there, but it’s not being used.

We get it! 

You’ve got a good rhythm going with CommentSold and Facebook. You’re selling on your Lives, on your page, and in your group. But if you’re already using CommentSold, and you already know what a game changer it is for online businesses, why wouldn’t you want to use it on Instagram too?

Think about it...

Your customers are swiping through their stories, and yours pops up, with a shop-able story post and all they have to do is click a link to shop the item you posted!

Or they’re scrolling through their feed, and they see your dress, your jewelry, your beef jerky, your subscription box, and all they have to do it click to shop?

No searching your site, no hoping to find that item later, no downloading an app, your customers can CLICK and SHOP the exact item they are interested in!

Maybe it’s time that’s stopping you, or maybe it’s knowledge, but if you want to start using Instagram with CommentSold for your business, but you need help setting it up and you need an experienced team to create and manage the posts for you, #ThinkSocial is here to help.

#ThinkSocial has partnered with CommentSold to bring you the very best experience selling online.

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