Navigating the Latest Facebook and Instagram Shop Changes: A Guide to getting your products tagged.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social commerce, Facebook and Instagram have been pivotal platforms for businesses to showcase and sell their products. However, recent changes to the tagging of products on these platforms have left many businesses seeking clarity and guidance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the changes to Facebook and Instagram shops and provide insights on how to adapt your tagging strategy to maximize your online presence and sales potential. 

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Understanding the Changes:
As of April 24th, Facebook and Instagram have implemented significant adjustments to their shop functionalities. One of the most notable changes is the restriction on using third-party sites for checkout within the Meta ecosystem. This means that businesses can no longer sync their inventory directly from external platforms to facilitate sales through Facebook and Instagram and check out on a third party site.

Impact on Product Tagging:
The implications of this change are profound, particularly for businesses accustomed to seamless inventory management across multiple channels. Previously, tagging products on Facebook and Instagram allowed for a streamlined shopping experience, with customers being able to make purchases directly from the platform. However, with the removal of third-party checkout options, businesses now face the challenge of understanding how to sync their inventory and continue featuring it with tags. 

This change is not unique to just CommentSold Users but all E-Commerce platforms. 


Here is our QUICK REFERENCE to the Updates: 

1. Without Checkout on Facebook/Instagram, businesses can no longer tag items in posts nor have visible Facebook and Instagram shops. Removing the convenient capability of click photo shopping for customers.

2. For NON-shopify users (CommentSold, Square or Clover), with checkout on Facebook and Instagram ENABLED, they CAN:

👍 Sync their CommentSold or other platform inventory catalog to Facebook.
👍 Tag items in Facebook/Instagram posts
👍 Maintain visible Facebook/Instagram shops

3. For NON-shopify users (CommentSold, Square or Clover), with checkout on Facebook and Instagram ENABLED, they CANNOT:

❌ Have orders show up in CommentSold or other systems  for fulfillment
❌ Have their CommentSold or other system inventory automatically adjusted from Facebook/Instagram sales they collect


4. For CommentSold and other system  users that use Shopify for PRIMARILY Dropship (85% or more), they CAN

👍 Sync their Shopify inventory catalog to Facebook and Instagram 
👍 Tag dropship items in Facebook/Instagram posts and maintain visible shops 
👍 Fulfill Facebook/Instagram checkout orders in Shopify 
👍 Have Facebook/Instagram AUTOMATICALLY adjust shopify inventory following sales

We can help you make the decision for what is BEST for your shop. Each shop has unique situations and we can help you make the decision that is best for YOUR SHOP. Contact us today.

ALTERNATIVE WAYS of a  Seamless Shopping Experience: 

Although customers may need to complete their purchases outside of Facebook and Instagram, you can still create a seamless shopping experience by providing clear instructions and links to your online store. Consider optimizing your website for mobile browsing to facilitate smooth transitions from social media to the checkout process.

Engaging Content: Beyond product tagging, focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience. Utilize features like Instagram Reels and Facebook Live to showcase your products in action and foster a sense of community among your followers.

What can do you do now? 

If you are running a Shopify website you can still use tagging, the change is that shoppers will need to checkout ON Meta. (CommentSold Users – reach out for a workaround) While the recent changes to Facebook and Instagram shops present challenges for businesses, they also signify opportunities for innovation and adaptation. By understanding the implications of these changes and implementing strategic adjustments to your tagging strategy, you can continue to leverage social commerce effectively and drive sales growth for your business. Stay agile, stay informed, and embrace the evolving landscape of online retail. 

We can help you get your Meta Shop setup for checkout on the platform to enhance sales and keep your process in place for tagging products for easy carting.  

Yes, Tagging items on a post allows for shoppers to easily cart your items

Yes, making it easy for your shoppers to complete a purchase it the goal of all socials. 

Your catalog link will be automatically updating your content if you are using Shopify.

During the setup process, you’ll be required to provide your banking information for direct deposits from Meta.

Initially your payout for an order will be initiated either 15 days after your order is marked as shipped or 5 days after receiving delivery confirmation.

FB charges standard processing fees for transactions as follows: – Credit Cards – 2.9%
– Paypal – 3.49%
– Shop Pay (Shopify users) – 2.9%

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