Facebook API Changes for Groups

Effective this week, Facebook and it’s associated API functions for group interactions have been discontinued.

Here’s what this means for you if you use CommentSold, any third party scheduling tools or other programs to collect claims for sales in your group:

Live Broadcasts: You’ll now need to manually share your live broadcasts to your group since automatic posting is no longer supported. We suggest disabling comments to encourage viewers to engage by clicking into the live broadcast. A catchy caption like “Click through video to Join us live and shop now!” can enhance engagement.

If you are using Streamyard, Zoom or other broadcast tools there are ways around it using Stream-Keys to get your video posted

Sales Posts: (walldrops) Posting items for sale in your group won’t gather claims automatically anymore due to API limitations. Claims will need to be managed manually in CommentSold (CS), or you can opt for posting links to allow members to shop directly. While there’s talk of reduced reach, I don’t believe this to be the case.

An alternative method to links is to also encourage shoppers to download and shop your app to cart to have an easy checkout! 

Album Shopping: The ability to link albums for claims globally is no longer available. Instead, consider consolidating sales or events into a single thread for better organization. Regularly check for purchases manually.

Navigating changes in group posting methods can indeed pose challenges, but rest assured, we're here to support you in your quest for successful selling strategies! If you're eager to discover the most effective methods that are yielding results, schedule a chat with us at your earliest convenience. We're eager to assist you!

ONE MORE THING worth understanding! Facebook and Instagram Tagging has changed! 

The other change worth noting is the alteration in product tagging on Facebook and Instagram. Meta no longer allows checkout through third-party sites, impacting CommentSold inventory syncing. While you can still tag products for checkout, manual inventory syncing for claims and shipping outside of CommentSold will be necessary. If you have Shopify and or are using Shopify for dropshipping we can change your shop and get it working properly for a Meta Checkout! CLICK HERE To learn more!

If we can help you with any of these changes and you need advice with what to do please reach out to Desiree and she can help guide you in the right way for the least interruptions in your sales!  Pick a time to connect below!

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