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Hi I'm Desiree

I am Desiree Rose, the owner of #ThinkSocial. I am a mother of two beautiful boys and wife to an amazing man. By nature, because my father and #1 role model instilled it into me, I have both a go-getter and a “sharing is caring” attitude in life. I graduated college with honors and a bachelor’s degree in three years. Throughout my work career, I have been a government contractor in charge of developing web-based training programs for the U.S. military and I have also owned two companies. All this came to an abrupt halt seven years ago when we learned that my youngest son had a rare disease in which he was allergic to a multitude of foods, and over the course of those seven years has required in excess of 20 surgeries. It was then, after being in the workforce for many years, I decided that my time spent with my family was far more important than the grind of a 40-60-hour-a-week job. My husband was comfortably supporting us at the time so we were lucky in that respect and it gave me the opportunity I needed to devote 100% of my time and attention to the things in life that mattered the most to me – my family

While devoting all of my time to my family and fulfilling the day-to-day activities of school, homework, cleaning, cooking, etc., my love bucket was constantly being filled however my sense of value bucket was being drained. I was still, and will always be, a go-getter at heart and I decided that I could kill all kinds of birds with one stone. I joined The Pampered Chef with the #1 purpose of cooking for and feeding my family safe foods that they could eat, and secondly, to gain some sense of accomplishment and value for myself by earning a few dollars here and there. Things went better than I ever could have imagined in my first year as a direct sales consultant as I was able to both prepare amazing meals for my family and ensure their health as well as earning enough money to pay for family vacations, holidays, and even the occasional mortgage payment. My sense of value and empowerment was returning, however, I also found myself spending more time away from home doing cooking shows, vendor events and other things of that nature. Soon there was an unbalance once again. I was happy in what I was doing for myself and my family, but it was getting to the point where my husband would get home from work and mommy would go to work. Not a proper balance.

I soon decided I wanted both the sense of value as well as my time back to devote to my family and cater to my son’s needs. But how can you have both?? Well, it was then I learned how to unleash the power of social media marketing in my business. In less than six months, I went from doing 90% of my business in other locations, to doing 90% of my business online. In no time, I was actually increasing my sales and recruiting to the point I was earning excellence in both in the company. I could now do far less work from literally anywhere and my business continued to thrive. I was soon asked to speak at many events to train others on how to effectively incorporate social media into their businesses. Remember, sharing is caring to me and if I ever have opportunities to help others excel in what they love while freeing up time to devote to their families, I do not hesitate.

I have since become Social Coach Desiree. My #1 goal in life is to help others succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

I have shared my story and experience with social media marketing to others of all walks of life, from consultants in the direct sales world to some of the largest companies in the world like Coldwell Banker and Chick-Fil-AI have trained and empowered people from CEOs to the mom who is just trying to make ends meet, and helped them gain the sense of pride and accomplishment that everyone deserves while opening doors into the possibilities of social media marketing that they never knew existed.

I want to do the same for you and your business. No matter how big or how small, I can help give you the tools and knowledge that will take you as far as you are willing to go. My greatest satisfaction in life is seeing others happy, excited, and successful. Life is too short to miss a child take his or her first steps, while working countless hours away from home. Put your trust in me and in no time, I will have you exceeding your business goals while spending even more time with the ones you care so much about!!

If you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level, I would love to begin the conversation and see how I can best support you. Drop me a line and let’s #TalkSocial!

Assistant Management Team

This #ThinkSocial team consists of a Director of Virtual Assistants and Training, they are here to support your virtual assistant as well as you. There is also a Director of Contract Management, which means they will be helping to make sure your time is kept properly, and you are invoiced when low on time as well as helping your VA with any additional invoicing you may need such as graphics or other add on services.

Support Staff & Marketing

Our Facebook team consists of a director of chatbot and Facebook ad communication. As well as experts in Facebook ads and Facebook shops. This team will take your Facebook to the next level! 

Our Instagram team consists of an Instagram manager this team specializes in hashtags, stories, and effective engagement. Need to step up your Instagram game? This team is bound to do the job!

Our Google ad and Pinterest team consist of experts who will take your user experience and increase it in ways you never thought of before! What do they specialize in?

Graphics Team

Our talented Graphics Design team handles graphic packages for dozens of clients, creating unique graphics made to order for every possible purpose! Need a new group cover to celebrate an upcoming Holiday? Our team will create a stunning cover that matches your personality and style, and if you have a logo and branding for your business, they will include that and blend it all together!

Inventory Management

Team of 15 dedicated data entry professionals that are experts in Shopify and CommentSold websites.

Virtual Assistant Team

At #ThinkSocial our team consists of 33 + VAs so there isn’t a sick day or a vacation day that you aren’t covered! All of our VAs are fully trained and ready to begin right away. While we will need to learn your individual preferences, we are well versed on all things LuLaRoe, including but not limited to: Sonlet, Loyalshops, Bless, Build Website Management, and more!

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