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We all have those days that we wish there was more than one of us to get it all done? Maybe that seems to be happening more often lately? Have your sales increased enough that you just cannot get it all done? OR Are the activities that are consuming your days NOT income producing because your inbox or messenger is overflowing?

Our virtual assistant services can help!

We have several packages to help you! The more hours you need the lower the cost per hour. Each bundle of hours needs to be used within a 30-day rolling calendar (from the day you start til the next month’s date) Exceptions can be reviewed by Desiree and her team. Each package is bought in a BUNDLE not sold as individual hours.

Our team consists of 30+ VAs so there isn’t a sick day or a vacation day that you aren’t covered! All of our VAs are fully trained and ready to begin right away and while every business is unique chances are we’ve worked in a business a lot like yours with similar tools, systems, and services.

We have extensive boutique experience for both online and brick & mortar retail– our services work for and business large or small!

Here’s an idea of how some businesses leverage our VA services:

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